The menace of stray dogs

Only a few days ago a pack of stray dogs mauled an old woman when she came out of her hut during the night to answer the call of nature. The incident took place in a coastal village near Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India. The poor woman never survived the attack. You may ask me why the woman came out of the safety of her hut during the night. Didn’t she feel it safe to use the toilet inside her hut? Well, it reminds me of Queen Antoinette’s question ‘why didn’t the people eat cakes if there was no bread?’. The answer is simple. In a one room hut there is no provision for a toilet. For the same reason, many tribal people have lost their lives to man-eating tigers. ¬†Again, another attack has taken place in a village near Varkala, in the same state, Kerala. This time, the ninety year-old man was sleeping on the veranda outside his son’s unfinished house. A pack of stray dogs attacked him. Though the neighbours rushed to his help hearing his cries, he could not be saved. In both tragedies, the animal lovers, perched in the safety of their bungalows, did not open their mouths. A pack of dogs always behave with their wild hunting instinct. Some years ago, a young man riding home after his night-shift was chased by a few stray dogs and in the melee, he fell down from his scooter and died. That event took place some where near Alappuzha, Kerala. I don’t mean that such incidents happen frequently in Kerala state. Many more incidents happen throughout India. Kerala, being a neighbour state, the incidents are reported in the local newspapers which generally are circulated in the nearby states also. In all these incidents, the attacks were unprovoked and all of them took place at night. It is usually poor people who die in droves because of rabies, caused by dog-bite. Well, animal lovers needn’t worry. They don’t work night-shifts. They always travel in the safety of cars. They don’t sleep in open verandas. They needn’t come out of their palatial houses at night to answer the call of nature because every room in their house is provided with a bath room.



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