Daily Prompt: Banned

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One man’s food is another man’s poison.

I never thought it could be so true and prove itself to be the misfortune of an unwary man. His son was working in the USA and he planned to visit him. He took many culinary items along with him, which he believed may not be available in the shops in the States. Unfortunately, he did not know that an ordinary ingredient like khus khus used in the Indian cuisine  was banned in many countries. What is khus khus? If he had only known the English name of the innocent culinary ingredient, he would have thought twice before packing it in his luggage. The English name of that is poppy seeds. It is used mainly as a condiment in the Indian cuisine. As such, it is found in the cup-board of every Indian kitchen. It is nutritious and has got its medicinal value as well. So, the poor man who packed it in his luggage never suspected that his journey would prove a disaster because of the very presence of the thing in his luggage. On the way, his plane touched one of the Arab countries where poppy seeds are banned items. He was off loaded and promptly sent to jail.

poppy seeds.jpg



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