Daily Prompt: Waiting

via Daily Prompt: Waiting

“Waiting is tortuous”, declared the man sitting next to me at the railway station. I smiled and nodded my head in agreement. He was a total stranger to me. His intention was to strike a conversation with me simply to drive away the boredom. I was just waiting for that opportunity. I am an insurance agent and die for an introduction to a stranger. To me, every one is a potential client. I needn’t prolong the story. I met the man in his office a week later and sold a policy to him.

It does not mean every time you meet a stranger you can sell your goods. You have to guide and navigate the conversation to your advantage. That needs some practice as well as patience. But remember, every temporary set back could be turned to your advantage if you play your cards well. You cannot meet a man in his office when he is busy and present your business proposal. But when he is waiting for something, his time is at your disposal provided you negotiate skilfully. I have sold out two policies while waiting at the barbershop for my turn. But I have to admit that I graciously sacrificed my turn to the potential client. I collected his address while he came to thank me for my ‘kindness’.

Have you looked at a bunch of Indian women waiting at the railway station? They don’t need any one to introduce themselves. They strike a conversation on their own, and get so close that a few marriage proposals were negotiated at the railway platforms ! ( In my country, all marriages were arranged marriages until the end of the last century. No statistics is available for the present century). Westerners have to learn a lesson or two from us in spending the waiting time.



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