Daily Prompt: Subdued

via Daily Prompt: Subdued

This posting is more to caution you about the unhealthy practices followed by some surgeons than to parade my skills in writing. Please be advised that some (or many) of the tests you are asked to undergo may not be absolutely necessary either for diagnosis or for treatment. So is the opinion of other ‘specialists’ your surgeon wants you to obtain.

Well, I am coming to the point. Some time ago, I got myself admitted in a hospital after my surgeon advised me to undergo a surgery for a particular ailment. Before admission, I had to undergo many tests in laboratories suggested by him (Only their test results are reliable, I had been warned). After admission, he told me blood-transfusion may also be needed. I suggested that my relatives were prepared to donate the particular group of blood I needed. He waved it away. “There is a reliable blood bank. You needn’t bother”

Just before the surgery, blood arrived from the blood bank and I was hooked to it without a pre-test of matching it to my group. Immediately, there was a severe reaction in my body and I cried something was amiss. The anaesthesia specialist gave me an injection and I was subdued. The surgeon proceeded with the surgery. After the surgery, I was sent to the IC ward. But I did not pass urine even after twelve hours and the nurse in attendance was alarmed. A message was sent to the surgeon and a probing surgery was arranged for the next morning. After the surgery also (Later my wife learnt from the subdued conversation of the nurses around that  the invasive surgery was not needed and also the culprit was the sediments in the transfused blood which had affected my kidney. When the nurses realized that my wife could follow the language they used between themselves, they sealed their mouth.) I didn’t pass urine and nearly all were alarmed. Fortunately for me I passed urine after about thirty two hours. Two days later, the surgeon cautioned me not to pay anything to the blood bank operator if he came to me for payment. With subdued anger, I nodded my head in agreement.

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