Three Days, Three Quotes Challenges Day-1

“There is no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good mother”

Well as it seems to be a quote from some important soul, it should be so. But there is another quote from an equally important person : ‘No general statement is always true; including this statement’

I go by the second statement. In my opinion, it is the father who shapes the life of a boy and it is the mother who spoils him by indulgence. But it is a different story with a girl. Most mothers treat their daughters as a god-sent help in the kitchen and also some one who they can confide their troubles to. Here again, it is not always the case. Once, during a training in Delhi, I met a man from Panjab. I was very much surprised when he claimed that he was a sikh. He had cropped hair and a clean shaven face. When I arched my eye-brows, he said : “Sir, what I say is true”. “Then what happened to your hair, the beard and the turban?”, I asked. “I lost my mother when I was a child. My father did not marry again for my sake. But he could not carry out the job of combing my hair, keep it tidy, and so on as he had to cook food, go to office in time and take care of all household work. So he took me to a saloon ( he meant a hair-cutting shop) and had my hair cut”.  I dare say his father played the part of a perfect mother and a good father.


2 thoughts on “Three Days, Three Quotes Challenges Day-1

  1. Very well written. I guess world is now changing… now a chore is a chore and it has to be done. It doesn’t matter whether a man does it or a female. It just need to be done.

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