Daily Prompt: Promises

via Daily Prompt: Promises


“I PROMISE TO PAY THE BEARER THE SUM OF ONE HUNDRED RUPEES”  -so says the promissory note on a hundred rupee currency.

But, to my memory, nobody ever tested whether the promise would be kept by knocking on the door of the Governor and placing before him the currency note for redemption of the amount.

Every other day, the news papers carry the story of a woman complaining against a man saying that he did not keep his promise of marrying her after she became pregnant with his child. Well, the men cannot be blamed. They get their inspiration from the legendary love story of king Dushyant and Shakunthala, the daughter of the sage Vishwamithra. While he was on a hunting trip to a forest, king Dushyant saw the beautiful Shakuntala and fell in love with her. Promising to marry her, he had a nice time with her. But when she went to his palace with his child, he did not fulfil his promise of marrying her.

But, tyrants and dictators invariably keep their promise of punishing their enemies. When he found out that it was Count von Stauffenburg who placed the time-bomb in his bunker, Hitler promised to punish the culprit as well as all the members of his family. He kept his word.

Democratic governments mostly fail to fulfil their promise of punishing the criminals and traitors. Complicated rules and procedures help the culprits escape the noose.

(Representative picture is that of king Dushyant and Shakuntala)



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