Daily Prompt: Tree

via Daily Prompt: Tree

I dare say that the tree is the foundation of life in the world. Without the tree, there is no replenishment of oxygen. It plays an essential part in bringing the rain and recharging the ground water level. Darwin’s theory of evolution is portrayed by a tree. Then there is the ‘Family tree’ that gives us an idea of the family descent. ‘The tree of knowledge’ is another tribute paid to the humble tree.

There is a metaphorical story about the tree in Indian mythology. The tree named ‘Kalpatharu’ is supposed to grant any wish of a man resting under the shade of the tree. A thirsty and hungry man, resting under the tree wished “How great it will be if only I could get a glass of water !’ Hey presto ! A jugful of water appeared from nowhere. The man quenched his thirst and wished for a plate of food. His wish was granted. Then, he wished for a cot to sleep on. A cot appeared. Just then a doubt surfaced in his mind. “It seems this particular spot has some sanctity”, he thought. “Whatever I wish for is granted. Supposing I think that a tiger would appear and swallow me? Would it happen?”

No sooner did he think of it than a tiger did appear and killed him.

Moral : Always be positive in your thoughts and beliefs.

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