Daily Prompt: Test

via Daily Prompt: Test

I am not going to test your patience by writing about medical tests and school tests – you shouldn’t test positive in most medical tests and negative in ALL school tests. Let us talk about positive tests.

Not all tests are done with a paper and pen or pricking the skin with a needle or using a microscope. Some wine tasters test the wine merely by smelling it and classifying it according to the age and aroma. The wily politician tests the stamina of his enemy by a mere hand-shake. During the last months of the Second World War, Field Marshal Mannerheim, the president of Finland is said to have tested the course of the War by merely smoking in the presence of Hitler. It is a known fact the Fuhrer neither smoked nor tolerated some one smoking in his presence. But he never showed his displeasure when the Finnish President smoked and purposefully blew the smoke towards the Fuhrer. The Finnish President concluded that the German army was losing in every front and the Fuhrer was desperately in need of allies.woman-tasting-red-wine-009Hitler220px-Carl_Gustaf_Emil_Mannerheim.png


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