Daily Prompt: Unfinished

via Daily Prompt: Unfinished

Is it God or the manufacturers on the earth who send out unfinished products? I’m firmly of the opinion it is God who sends unfinished and half-finished products. Obstetricians testify to that. Cases of abortion where the unfinished foetus is thrown out prove the point. Not stopping with that, some people are born without arms; some without ears. These form the category of unfinished products.

On the contrary, terrestrial manufacturers never send unfinished products out. There is an efficient supervisory mechanism in the factories and they take care no unfinished product passes the out-gate. But there may be defective products which the manufacturer takes the responsibility of replacing them within the period of guarantee.

Coming to the Creator, he occasionally sends out defective products – men without arms, men without ears, a female mind misplaced in a man’s body and vice-versa – proof enough of the absence of an effective quality control mechanism in the Heavens. But He never owns responsibility to replace them.

man without hands.jpgman-without-ears


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