Daily Prompt: Pretend

via Daily Prompt: Pretend

Among the creations of God, man alone pretends to be what he is not. One man pretends to be a holy man – but he is neither holy nor pious. The other man is painted like a tiger and pretends to prance like one. Normally, no animal wants to pretend to be like another one. But wait ! I’m afraid I am making a general statement – forgetting the fact no general statement is always true. Once I read the true account of a hunter. He had recorded an event that took place during one of his hunting trips. A leopard rolled itself on cow-dung and moved close to a herd of cows grazing in the forest. Even upwind, the leopard could move close to the grazing herd of cattle and take them by total surprise ! So, even animals, at least the most cunning among them, could make pretensionsbeggar.jpgman painted as tiger.jpgleopard.jpg


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