Daily Prompt: Generous

via Daily Prompt: Generous

There is a proverb in Tamil. Find a coconut on the way and offer it to the deity you find on the road. The meaning is you can pray to your god, but you shouldn’t spend money from YOUR pocket by way of any offering you make to gratify the deity. In effect it means, as long as it is some body else’s money, you can be quite generous. Well, that is the definition for “Generosity”. It seems to me that the same rule is scrupulously followed by our judiciary also. A rapist escapes the noose because the apex court finds there is a microscopic difference in the testimony of a witness – not whether the rape really happened, but whether the man really wanted to kill the girl after the rape. But neither the rape, nor the death of the girl is disputed.  A police officer escapes the full jail term pronounced by a lower court because the court finds that the officer had spent more than a third of the term he had been sentenced to in jail for molesting a teen-aged girl. A third set of criminals walk away freely without under going any punishment because the dead girl raped and killed by the trio did not turn up at the court to testify that she was truly and undeniably raped by the men.


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