Daily Prompt: Passionate

via Daily Prompt: Passionate

“This is the latest passion”, a street peddler trying to palm off a pair of bermudas assured me. What he probably meant was “fashion”. Since the Tamil language doesn’t oblige you with a fricative ‘f’, one has to make do with the nearest alternative – the plosive ‘p’ and thereby betray one’s  inadequacy of the foreign tongue.

Even otherwise, what is wrong in using ‘passion’ for this particular context? One can have ‘passion’ for any particular variety of garment or jewel.

And then, “passion” has its cultural difference. An Indian deeply in love with a woman passionately kisses her on her cheek and not on her lips as the English actors do. This choice has nothing to do with oral hygiene. That is the way ‘kissing’ is depicted in the sculptures. Probably, that is the reason lip-stick hasn’t gained much

acceptance and popularity in India.





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