Daily Prompt: Together

via Daily Prompt: Together

Some days ago, I became drowsy and sick after having a cup of black coffee in my friend’s house. “What did you have before coming here?” asked his grand mother. “Nothing grandma, …I had …I had only a peg of brandy at the bar”, I sheepishly admitted. “That is it”, said the wise old woman shaking her head. “You must know brandy and coffee don’t go together”. “OK, what else don’t go together?”, I asked her. “Curd and fish”, she replied as a matter of fact. “What more granny?”, I persisted in a mocking tone. “You and my grand daughter shouldn’t go together”, said the crafty old woman in a stern voice. She had probably guessed the reason for my frequent visit to my friend’s house.

Anglo old woman.jpg


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