Daily Prompt: Cake

via Daily Prompt: Cake

The cake doesn’t have a place in our tradition (in Tamilnadu, India) . How do we celebrate a birthday? We visit a temple or, as an alternative, we pray at home in front of the pictures of the deities. We call it “Pooja”, which literally means prayer with offerings of food and flowers. What do we offer as food to God? Anything that is palatable to the human beings. (After all, God has created man in His own image. Hasn’t He? So the taste buds should also be similar). In our house, we prepare something similar to a cake, with different ingredients following a different formula. The contents are : some rice flour and clarified butter. Make a batter of the rice flour. Put it in a small earthen tray or a small steel tray. Knead it in such a way to form a cup. Pour some clarified butter into it. Put a cotton wick into it and light it. When the entire clarified butter is consumed by the flame, you are rewarded with a tasty piece of cake !


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