Daily Prompt: Eclipse

via Daily Prompt: Eclipse

Towards the end of the Second World War, in 1945, a British officer somewhere in the European front handed over a document to his courier and instructed him to take it to another officer in a camp many miles away. He also advised the courier to take the road even though it may take a longer time.

The courier, while chatting with his friend, an RAF pilot, wailed about his ordeal of a long distance road journey thrust on him. The pilot offered to help him. He was also flying in that direction and he could easily drop him at the camp in question.

Unfortunately, on its way, the plane came under German ground fire  and it was force-landed. The German soldiers surrounded the plane, and in the melee, the British courier tried to set the document on fire. The German soldiers were quick to retrieve it without much damage.

The senior German officers, who perused the document were shocked. The document was code-named “OPERATION ECLIPSE”. The accompanying map (as per the Yalta agreement penned by the allies in February 1945) showed that Germany, as well as its capital Berlin, was to be divided between the allies. The Wermacht officers had, as early as June 1944 and after the successful landing of the allied forces in Normandy, surmised that Germany would be defeated in a matter of months. But, by no stretch of imagination could they have conjectured that their country would meet with such an ignominious end of being apportioned between the victors.Occupied Germany.pngOperation Eclipse


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